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babelfish moggya :

In December 1997 Melon Dezign and pulses published the demo Tribes, one the early 3D-Demos on the PC, and won thereby the demo competition of the party in Denmark. Spiritueller Bombast sound and 3D-Optik of the finest one are in this Final Fantasy inspired masterpiece to find. Knuffige Japano figures showers with flying sailing boats by air, reach a city as from 1000 and one night, while the spectator the Kinnlade hangs downward. So was at least to the time at that time. High time thus for a new edition, the Mannen probably imagined of LegendGrafiX and gave to the cool Oldie a new dress.

Its Tribes Feldolgozás is however an example for it how a Remix should not look. The optics works klobig and in a diffuse way, animations from the Pre era Augsburger doll crate vergraulen the spectator. Also the new version unbelievable 121MB is large! There one asks oneself nevertheless, for what, if nowadays groups in 4k offer optical Schmankerl of the finest one! Of the charm of the former masterpiece remained thus not much remaining. That does pain, particularly in the hearts of the Demofreaks, which started the original at that time still on the first Pentium crates under MS-DOS. In the meantime also a Windows haven exists to the cult demo, which should still be preferred to the Remix.

Tribes Feldolgozás does not line up thus definitely into the teams of the mad demo Remixes such as Discloned Remixed, MDMA Remix or Variform Remixed.

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