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    a little over a week ago, I have had a traffic accident, resulting in a tibia head fracture (in otherwords: broken knee). Therefore, I am currently using a wheelchair. I can walk short distances on crutches,  but generally, I am not very mobile.

    I was planning to couchsurf before Function, but couchsurfing with a wheelchair is really hard. And going to a hotel is too expensive, and I need some help (for example, going shopping could be difficult).

    I talked to Gargaj, but because of the pre-party stress he would prefer if I could find a different place to stay. I will be coming to Budapest a few days after WeCan, probably around the 18. or 19. of September, and need a place to stay until Function. Essentially, all I need is a place to sleep, a table to put my laptop, and internet. I will hopefully spend some time working on an entry.

    Can anyone help? Please contact me by mail at topy (at) untergrund (dot) net

    Please write in English, I do not understand Hungarian. :)


    Greetings from Germany,


    Oh God, sorry to hear about that man :/

    Hope you’ll get better soon. Wish I could help with the place to stay – if I come across something I’ll let you know tho. Huge respect for still coming to Function! :)


    For really emergency cases, I have a bed. It’s on the first floor though (no lift). Shopping is relatively easy if you manage the stairs, but I cannot help since there is this thing called “work” (I have no idea what that means :). I’m arriving on the 16th, so timing is ok. Offer is valid only if we also make a demo meantime.


    Thinking a bit more about it though, the house is not exactly wheelchair-friendly (two separate stairs + borderline too narrow corridor).



    I am arriving in Budapest on the 19., by plane (not by train as originally expected). The good news is that I really don’t have to rely on the wheelchair anymore. I can get around pretty well on the crutches. Only stairs can still be a bit of a problem, and any longer distances (100m or more).

    So far, I haven’t found another place to stay yet. I have tried couchsurfing too, so far no positive answers for Budapest. So, “blala”, is your offer still valid? Or anyone else? (I can handle the stairs, as long as its not in the 5th floor or so…)



    The more I think about it, the less good idea it seems, but I guess it could work if you would be homeless otherwise. Email is bkomuves at gmail. Will you have phone or mobile net access?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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