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Magyar demoscene portál – grafikusok, zenészek, programozók alkotói közössége

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nahh itt az info: Well, Plus/4 World is gone for good! Looks like the emucamp.com was bought by someone already. Ingo suggested we shoot off a round of emails to see who can help. BTW, It’s still working if you add this to the HOSTS file: plus4.emucamp.com http://ftp.emucamp.com I looked into paid hosting today, there’s one that seems good: hostpapa.ca Only 8 CAD per month and we’d get the domain name registration for free. “Unlimited” space + traffic. However, I was taken aback by their terms and conditions a bit. I think I should shoot off an email to them to clarify that 2Gb of binary files are ok. Anyway, we have other options, let’s hear those suggestions! Cheers, Csabo — ezek vannak most, én biztos támogatom némi pénzmaggal az akciót.. laco: bocs, hivlak!

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